Planning for Grade 3 Robotics

Grade 3 is an exciting grade in our Elementary School. It is the first year the students get their own iPad, which allows for natural progression of more integration of devices into their learning. This has given me the opportunity to further their robotic/coding experience.

After approaching the grade teachers, not only did they jump at the opportunity, they even offered examples and where it would fit into what they were teaching.

With this in mind, I have planned to use the Sphero robots. These robots are a perfect next step up from the more ‘simple’ type robots we have used in previous years. On top op that, they look ‘cool’ and have a sense of modern about them as they roll around on the floor.

This is our Sphero box. It holds 12 Spheros that charges them and holds them when wheeled between classes.

Now the plan…..

This is my 1st draft of the first 4 sessions. What I have tried to do was:

1. Align it with ISTE standards.

2. Keep it simple. Going step by step, while keeping in mind what the classroom teachers wanted.

3. Calling them sessions, (instead of lessons) as these might take a few lessons.

4. Using what their doing in the classroom, to extend or reaffirm their learnings.

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