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iPad Pro swap day 4 & 5

It’s been a couple days since I updated, it’s been a busy couple days. I had to wipe and restart my iPad Pro (because of an issue of it enrolling on the DEP)…. 

After wiping my iPad one little bug is the setup screen. Something I noticed first time around but didn’t think anything of it until I set it up again. The issue is the setup screens. They don’t rotate, in the (dare I say) natural way of using the iPad Pro like a laptop/hybrid with a keyboard attached its awkward. 

Just a small issue.
An App I wanted to highlight for iPad Pro use is iMovie. It’s a ‘stock’ app supplied by Apple with all new iPads. A GREAT app on the Pro, while using the iPad Pro as a camera is a little cumbersome, where it does win over a laptop in my opinion it is able to video because of the front & back facing cameras. Where a laptop usually has only the one front facing camera. Coupled with the the ability of detaching the keyboard it is doable. 

That being said, if this was my only device, I could see how awkward it might be. My workflow using the iPad Pro ONLY is filming on my iPhone, then airdropping the videos to the iPad Pro for editing. With the superior chipset that is in the iPad Pro, it is extremely responsive when editing videos. It really is suprising in its speed. 

One point of difference, I do miss the ‘extra’ features on the desktop version. Let’s not get into the debate of ‘is iMovie a good app anyway’ as I know some people have issues with the simplicity of the App which other commercial video editors offer more featured packages. What iMovie does offer is simplicity, and getting the job done pretty good! That said, I miss some of those features on the iOS version. I know Tim Cook is a regular reader of my blog, so take not Tim! 😉 

Anyway thanks again for reading. One work week down, now I want to play on it over the weekend see what other apps I can find for some enjoyment. Then one week to go!

I was caught by a colleague on Friday using my laptop. Sadly I did have it on, I promise though only to transfer files between my existing Mac to a New Mac Book Pro that came in, but also to move a heap of files I had locally saved to the cloud! I promise that was the only use! 😉 It was nice to be pulled up, I thought someone did see my posts! 

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  1. I say using that Mac in the way you did, didn’t really count. But what about an app like Finder. Do you miss that? Do you have any replacements? One reason why I like a MacBook is because I can easily access my files and sort them out properly and quickly.

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