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iPad Pro swap day 2

Day 2…  I’m loving the experience the iPad Pro offers. It really is a nice alternative compared to a laptop. Some potential issues do creep in which I will outline, but also it shines in other areas. 

Issues encountered so far…

  1. The Pencil – I wish I could attach that, tuck that into the keyboard or something. Kinda feels weird carrying it around in my pocket (Or am I missing something here?)
  2. Some apps do not swap their orientation. I feel I use this iPad mostly landscape, but some apps are not designed to be operated that way. So there is an awkward  moment of flipping the keyboard out of the way while repositioning the iPad.
  3. Some Apps don’t yet render properly on the iPad. Obviously built for the smaller screen sized iPads. Hopefully this will change as time goes on, and hopefully the iPad pros become more popular. 
  4. The undo button when typing using the keyboard. As you can see it sit in the bottom left corner. I am constantly bumping it with a stray finger when typing, thus undoing what I’ve just been typing. 90% my fault, 10% just in the wrong position? 

The positives so far…

  1. How damn quick it is. It is a very responsive, the A9X chip really performs. 
  2. The Pencil – while I have an issue about carrying it… I LOVE IT! By far the best stylus I’ve used. With the screen real-estate available to me now it is a pleasure to finally write on a tablet. It is a highly accurate stylus which in the hands of someone artistic will do much better than things than my bad drawings. Although, I really have been using it taking notes.
  3. The screen size itself. I’m not using this primarily as I used my traditional standard iPad. I am using this as a ‘hybrid’ so the screen size being larger is a great advantage for general use. 
  4. Split screen multi-tasking. Having two apps open side-by-side and working in both panes is really a nice experience. Or even (as I have been using it just now) having Twitter and Mail open at the same time on the screen together. Seeing tweets fly in while I’m responding to an email is… Cool.. (For a ‘tablet’ experience).

While I could go into even finer details on the positives and negatives, the experience so far has been terrific. 
Apps I have installed today, a new Twitter client. With the new size screen I wanted something that makes use of it in a more interesting way compared to the standard client. The client I installed is Tweetlogix, a really nice client. It did cost me a couple Euro’s but, seems like money well spent. 
I did have to use my laptop today!!! I worked on some code (swift), and also completed an iBook, iBook author is only available on OS X …

If you stuck with me so far and read all of this, thank you.. If you haven’t… Well, it doesn’t matter what I say about you now does it? 😉

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