Swapping my Laptop for an iPad pro

Today I received my iPad pro… This blog post will document my goal of going totally laptop free for 2 weeks. 

I purchased this new iPad with the idea for the staff at my school to use this instead of their laptops + iPads. While I have no intention of forcing them down an iPad only route, I think giving them the experience and therefore upskilling them in the use of iPads will only help them in the classroom integrate iPads a little more effectively. 
Time will tell….

One thought on “Swapping my Laptop for an iPad pro

  1. Hey. What a great idea! I’ve just got one too. I’m probably a bit reluctant to let go of my laptop just yet, though. I’ll be watching your reflections, for sure.

    As soon as the iPad pro was announced I thought that teachers would love it. It’s such a good display size for working with groups and even with a while class it’s easy to see.

    The other purpose would be to use Notability for planning and assessment. I loved using my iPad air for writing notes on but the pro is even better!

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on.


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