iPadIPad Challenge

iPad Pro swap Day 1

Day one of the iPad swap I found it challenging to say the least. Many moments of going for my laptop in automatic mode, then a quick slap of my hand quickly reminding myself NO LAPTOP! :)I thought it a good idea to post the apps I have installed on this journey. This list is in no particular order, essentially installing the App for the job as it presented itself. From the outset I want to say that I am a standard App user, I usually don’t use another app for Mail or the Calendar etc. I know that many people may find more interesting and better options of these types of Apps. For my use I generally use the standard App (unless it is an exceptional difference).

  1.  Updated Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc
  2.  Wordpress
  3.  Chrome – (Living in Japan – my banking etc are in Japenese so I need an automatic translation of websites)
  4.  iCloud Drive
  5.  Google Docs, Drive etc
  6.  Dropbox
  7.  Evernote
  8.  Facebook
  9.  Twitter
  10.  Penultimate (Seriously great note taking on the iPad pro with the Pencil!)
  11.  Paper
  12.  Skitch
  13.  PDF Expert
  14.  iTunes U
  15.  Skype

I did install some other Apps, these are ones that are used in classes for teaching (using the iPads) so I really don’t consider them apart of this experiment as I would have used my iPad in that situation anyway.

Can I say, having a full sized keyboard on the iPad pro is GREAT!

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