Inquiry Learning Ideas for Math and Science With iPads

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Giving children ample opportunities to develop sound investigative skills at an early age is essential to nurturing their ability to think critically and scientifically as they get older.

Charles Myers ‘s insight:

Inquiry learning with iPad integration. Something I feel many 1:1 environments don’t use to the iPads full effectivness. 

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App Review

This blog post (while overdue) is primarily made for my new school. We have been slowly introducing iPads across primary and secondary.

We added a multitude of apps on these devices and this has gotten a little confusing. So I decided to add some blog posts so teachers would be able to ‘know’ what is on the iPads and how they might use them.

A goal of mine at my current school is to have this form of mobile technology implemented into the curriculum so it becomes apart of the every day learning journey of the student.

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iPad revolution – the using

As was shown in my earlier blog post, the implementation of the iPads has been pretty seamless. I have to admit certain decisions like the communal syncing has been a challenge and to be honest while I still feel this is by far the BEST option it really is not practical as it is very time consuming. I can see a couple solutions to this.

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iPad revolution – the implementing.

At my current school we have just introduced iPads into our classrooms. Teachers were given a budget from which they could purchase various pieces of ICT equipment for their classrooms which would support their teaching and student learning the best.

Out of the 21 classrooms 17 opted for 2 iPads each. While the other 4 classrooms went for laptops (2 for macbooks 2 for pc based).

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